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There is hope for depression.

Why Choose Victory Clinic?

Victory Clinic is the first center in the Flint Hills region with two approved management options for treatment resistant depression. Both TMS and SPRAVATO® are available. Victory Clinic is a REMS certified SPRAVATO® treatment center.

Victory Clinic is the first treatment center in Kansas with the MagVenture Atlas™ Neuro Navigation System. We optimize your TMS with precise, world leading technology.

Same Day Appointments

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, or PTSD? Contact Victory Clinic today to make a same day appointment. No initial referral needed. We welcome Tricare West, BCBSKS, and VA insurance. Make a same day appointment.

You can relax in a recliner while receiving your TMS therapy with our leading-edge MagVenture TMS system, capable of rapid TMS, treatment of conditions other than depression, and our own accelerated five day protocol, which is similar to the new Stanford Protocol.

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What is TMS?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an effective, FDA-approved therapy for treatment resistant depression.

TMS is painless and safe.

TMS uses the energy of magnets to stimulate specific regions of the brain.

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Victory Clinic is a certified outpatient SPRAVATO® treatment center. SPRAVATO® is a prescription nasal spray, FDA-approved to treat adults with treatment-resistant depression (TRD).

 How do I pay for TMS or SPRAVATO®?

Many insurance plans cover TMS or SPRAVATO® for treatment resistant depression. If your insurance doesn’t cover treatment, financing is available through Affirm on our RepeatMD app. Contact your insurance to check your eligibility, or you may call or email us with questions.

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