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Woman in field with flowers with no allergies

Allergy Testing now available in Junction City KS!

Can’t wait until spring has sprung? Or do your allergies leave you spiraling out of control with sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes & nose, triggering asthma and sinusitis?

All allergy testing is done using stamps (no needles!), specific to our unique Flint Hills region, with instant results. Allergy serum is customized for your unique needs to desensitize you to what you are allergic to—naturally and effectively.

Start curing your allergies now and enjoy spring again! Call us today to schedule your test at Victory Clinic: 785-209-3779.

Self-referrals welcome.

A medical consult is required with one of our caring healthcare providers to determine if Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy are recommended for your allergies and to customize your treatment plan.

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