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Daniel Krause PA

Daniel Krause, PA-C

Dan is an experienced physician assistant who believes in the power of the mind and body to heal, applying wisdom from his experience treating people with brain injury and chronic pain. He currently serves as Division PA for the 35th Infantry Division, Leavenworth, Kansas National Guard.

His extensive medical experience includes Director of Clinical Operations, Kansas Division, for Holistic Pain Management and Primary Care Manager for both the Military Police Battalion and the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury program at Irwin Army Community Hospital, Fort Riley, Kansas.

Dan completed his MS in PA Studies at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston TX and a BA in Biological Sciences with Honors from the State University of New York, Buffalo. He also holds a MS in Geological Sciences and worked in environmental engineering/consulting prior to pursuing his PA studies.

His hobbies include all types of cycling, having completed both the Triple Bypass in CO and the Highlander Cycle Tour in NY, along with several 160+ mile day trips from Marysville KS to Lincoln NE on the Blue River Trail. He is also a budding mixologist, having amassed quite a collection of spirits sourced from European and Caribbean travels. His wife, Dawn, is executive director of a literacy nonprofit and together they have three sweet rescue dogs. If you like the modern vibe of Victory Clinic MHK, you can thank Dan!

Dan’s thoughts on TMS and SPRAVATO:

“Through treatment and education, we have the potential to not only help individuals in our practice but strengthen the community as our patients retake control of their lives.

“Medication management of depression fails much of our population. TMS offers quick, pain-free treatments for people struggling to climb out of depression. SPRAVATO is a clever new formulation of ketamine that overcomes the hurdles that complicated previous widespread use of the drug in medical settings. From our experience with use of this drug from decades in emergency medicine, we understand the potential of its benefit in the improvement in depressive symptoms.” — Daniel Krause PA

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