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Malena Starr BSN

Malena Starr BSN, Administrator and Lead Nurse

Malena is chief of getting things done. As a mother to a soldier, Malena understands the importance of military families.

Education and Experience:

In addition to being administrator and lead nurse, Malena is a certified TMS tech. Malena graduated from Fort Hays State University. Malena has over 20 years’ expertise in bringing high quality care to people in many settings including the clinic, hospital, and emergency department, while ensuring administration is led by patient-centered values. She strives to assist both patients and doctors navigate the crazy, complex healthcare system.

Interests and Hobbies:

Malena enjoys throwing the ball for her dogs and boating with her family. Although she claims not to cook, she makes delicious green bean dumpling soup and one heck of a bierock. She speaks Farsi and some Spanish.

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