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What is unique about Victory Clinic’s TMS system?

Victory Clinic provides state of the art TMS treatments using the MagVenture TMS system. MagVenture systems are made in Denmark and feature a figure eight coil, a design similar to those used in leading academic research centers in the United States.

The MagVenture TMS system is FDA approved for Depression, Smoking Cessation, and OCD. More applications are currently being studied and reviewed.

Patients who have had treatments on other TMS systems often comment that the figure eight coil is more comfortable than other systems. The MagVenture figure eight design also allows for accurate positioning and depth for extremely effective treatments.

Unlike ECT (electroconvulsive therapy), TMS does not require anesthesia and does not cause memory loss. MagVenture TMS provides safe, effective treatments for depression, which has been resistant to medications or for people who wish to avoid medications due to side effects or their profession.

An added bonus of getting treatment with the MagVenture TMS system is that patients can recline and relax in a luxurious, jade heated Zero Gravity Simple Human Chair during their TMS treatment. Such comfort is not possible with other TMS system designs that use a helmet and require the patient to remain upright.

Victory Clinic is the first clinic in Kansas with the Atlas Neuronavigation system which allows for the most precise TMS treatments. At Victory Clinic, you can be confident that you are receiving the most up to date, effective and comfortable TMS treatments available.

 How do I pay for TMS or SPRAVATO®?

Many insurance plans cover TMS or SPRAVATO® for treatment resistant depression. If your insurance doesn’t cover treatment, financing is available through Affirm on our RepeatMD app. Contact your insurance to check your eligibility, or you may call or email us with questions.

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